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Transform Your Career with a Masters in Digital Media

Take your degree further with a professional, industry-connected masters degree.

A 16-month professional graduate program that teaches students how to work in teams to develop digital media products.
Our Students Gain Real-World Experience With Top Employers
Get hands-on experience working with clients on real-world industry projects in industries such as entertainment, health & education.
Our alumni work at companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts and SAP. 95% of our grads are working in their field.
Alumni Success
Blackbird Interactive
Michael Brynjolfson, Director of Digital Production, m.56 Studios
Angela Hamilton, CEO + Co-founder, Quupe

Ryan Nadel, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

685 Great Northern Way, Vancouver V5T 0C6

British Columbia, Canada

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Launch your career in 16 months.

The MDM program is one of the only Master's programs that provides students with experience by working on real-world projects with real clients.

 95% of our grads are working in their fields.
[The MDM Program] opened my eyes to the different paths I could take. By the end of it I knew exactly what I wanted to do and it introduced me to the right people that I needed to meet to get into that industry.
One of the greatest benefits of MDM for me was a chance to work with people from all over the world. My co-founders and I come from four different countries, none of which are Canada, and it was really, really powerful to come together and build something that hasn't existed before with people from such different backgrounds - different not only in life experiences but also in our skill sets.
I think one of the biggest transformations that I went through while at MDM was finding the confidence to create things. I never really saw how you can start something from nothing, and working on the industry projects with teams where you're just starting with an idea and by the end of the semester you've got something real - I realized that I could do that.